Open and active – sliding door systems with permanent power supply by KABELTRAX®.

Electrical components like window lifters, loud speakers or safety devices connected to the wiring system are increasingly installed in sliding doors.

In many cases, power supply or signal transmission to these components is also required or desired when the door is open. Therefore, the application of conventional solutions such as
contact fingers is often not feasible.

Systems with open contact surfaces often have constructionbased disadvantages: they are susceptible to staining, damage and corrosion, which can quickly lead to interruptions, signal delays or breakdowns.

Permanent power supply by means of a so-called “direct connection” constitutes an optimised solution as regards technology. Control and electrical cables have to be routed through the door for this purpose. Thus, cable carriers by KABELTRAX® can play their strengths.

They make the connection fail-safe, durable, light and extremely cost-efficient.


Optimum protection for each cable routing

Cable carriers by KABELTRAX® combine and protect the cables and route them on a defined way. The cables are not bent more than permissible, which significantly increases their service life. Several millions of motion cycles are possible. The complete system is maintenance-free – scratch and chafe noises or signal drop-outs, which can arise when applying contact surface-based systems, do no longer occur.

Our systems offer variable applications, i.e. the installed service package can differ according to the respective equipment version or model series. The cable configuration can be adjusted at any time in case of extensions or changes of the wiring system.

The motion sequence and dimensions of the cable carrier are individually integrated in the vehicle construction. Our engineers cooperate with the OEM´s and system suppliers already in the planning stage for this purpose. Thus, the cable carrier system can be perfectly adjusted to the respective vehicle design.




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