Flexible Installation Tape

F.I.T. provides a simple, cost-effective and functional solution to your problems with routing and protecting cables. F.I.T. can be individually adapted to your requirements and used as an alternative or in combination with traditional cable fixtures (e.g. tape, spiral hoses, cable ties, shrink tubing and similar products).

Our F.I.T. solutions provide the following benefits:

  • different long-lasting materials
  • different colour options
  • capable of being labelled
  • easy to fasten with standard components
  • simple to install
  • simple to stack
  • easy to transport
  • modular structure
  • suitable for narrow installation spaces
  • customer-specific design

F.I.T. Innovation = New possibilities = More freedom for design

F.I.T. design flexibility

F.I.T. is ideal for using available installation spaces and for safely routing the required number of cables without placing an excessive load on these.

Our innovative low-cost F.I.T. cable carriers help our customers master their design challenges and give them the required flexibility through simple construction and mounting.

F.I.T. solutions

  • are light
  • are made from different materials and are in different colours
  • are predominantly manufactured as one piece
  • are flexible for taking account of mounting points
  • are prepared for using your standard fastening elements
  • enable simple shipping, handling and mounting
  • can also be manufactured in series in standard sizes
  • can easily be adapted to your application and still remain cost effective

F.I.T. prevents you having to purchase lots of different products from different suppliers – F.I.T. combines cable protection and cable carrying in one product.

Our design solutions are adapted to our customers' installation spaces and can be mounted in the shortest time possible.

F.I.T. provides an elegant functional cable carrier system which can supplement or replace the following products:

  • binding from wrapping tape/adhesive tape
  • cable hoses
  • zipper products
  • spiral hoses
  • shrink tubing
  • Velcro
  • cable ducts


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