TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP, founded in 1954 as KABELSCHLEPP GmbH, is is the inventor of the steel cable carrier, and is today one of the global leaders in the provision of cable carrier systems. The product has developed into an unrivaled model spectrum for any application. Cable carriers are available as high-performance solid synthetic or hybrid synthetic-aluminium versions, extremely robust steel-based solutions, or particularly light-weight, three-dimensionally articulated or linkless systems.  The spectrum ranges from individual components to turnkey solutions including chain, cables, and plugs. From standard products to custom-made individual solutions. The system implementations can be extremely diverse in terms of material, size, dynamics, or resilience against specific environmental conditions. TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP products are used wherever shorter manufacturing times, higher cycle times, longer storage durations and faster tool changes are beneficial, but also on cranes, in vehicles, and in numerous other application areas.




KABELSCHLEPP was integrated into the Tsubaki Group in 2010, and has taken on global responsibility for the Group's cable carrier business unit.


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